contrAA 800 Series

With the contrAA 800, lamp change in AAS is past. Only one light-intensive lamp, a xenon short arc lamp, covers the entire wavelength range of AAS. A high-resolution spectrometer with CCD detector gives a 3D spectrum and provides a maximum confidence in results and the best detection limits down to the sub ppb range. Fast sequential and multi-element measurements reduce the measurement time and maximize the sample throughput. With the spectral background correction automated by software routines (ABC and CSI-tool) even difficult samples can be analyzed easily. An elaborate design combines this unique optics with all atomization techniques, the flame, graphite furnace and hydride technique in a single platform. A wide range of intelligent accessories maximizes productivity, safety and ease of use for analytical routines. With the fully automated direct solid analysis you can skip the effort of sample digestion.


Fast multi-element analysis
Accurate results with maximum precision
Extended measuring range